Are mero Products BPA free?

All products are BPA free

Where can I purchase mero products?

You can checkout our stockists

Can mero products be boiled to sterilize?

Treat mero products with tender loving care, we recommend gentle hand washing with soap and water. Boiling or using a sterilizer may harm or deform the product.

Do I need to do anything before first use? What’s that smell?!

Brand new products may have a slight plasticy smell, be sure to wash and air dry all mero products before first use.

ALICE sippy

Can I put hot liquid in the sippy cup?

Our ALICE sippy is designed for room temperature water and hot water may cause it to leak. Hot liquid is not recommended for toddlers or sippy cups.

I see a small hole under the sippy’s base, what is it?

This hole under the bottle base allows any water that gets into the seams to dry and prevents mold growth.

How often should the ALICE soft spouts be replaced?

ALICE sippy’s soft spout and straw are soft to provide a comfortable mouthfeel and will tear if continuously chewed. We recommended them to be replaced every 2-3 months or at the first sign of wear and tear.

How do I assemble my ALICE sippy cup?

Improper assembly will result in the ALICE sippy leaking. All spouts have alignment points and fit securely into the bottle ring or bottle neck. Collapsing or rotating is a sign of an improperly assembled spout. For tips have a look at the ALICE sippy product pamphlet.

Can I put milk or juice inside my sippy cup?

Our ALICE sippy is designed for water only, milk or acidic juices will affect the clarity of the bottle.

ELLE snack ball

How do I open my ELLE snack ball?

To open the snack ball push up from under the lid’s lip, for tips have a look at the product pamphlet. Our secure hook lock is designed to keep snacks safe; the ELLE snack ball is not meant to be a toy or thrown like a ball and doing so may harm ELLE!

How do I clean my snack ball?

To clean your snack ball gently take it apart and wash each part separately. For tips have a look at the product pamphlet.

Can I put liquid snacks into the snack ball?

The ELLE snack ball is not meant for wet or liquid food.

What happens if my kid bites the soft part of the snack ball, will it tear?

While the ELLE snack ball is made from high quality food grade material, it is not meant to be a teething product.