See you soon China!

We are so excited to share mero with the world. December 9th mero will be available in limited quantities in China. This will be our first launch outside Japan and we are so ready to meet the Chinese mero moms. We have be busy busy busy getting ready for the launch party in Shanghai which will be slightly bigger and slighter bolder than our Tokyo launch. Stay tuned for photos of our fabulous event as well as shop details.

MERO China launch-min.JPG

A big thank you!

A big thank you to everyone who made the mero launch a reality! From a crazy set up , to worrying about a typhoon, to balloon explosions it was a launch event that we will never forget. Thank you to Abi Loves, Mio-san, Parti Tokyo, My Little Days, 
Spicer and Naoi, Net Laboratories, Small Works, EAT Creative, and last but not least the SIM Design team for bringing mero to life. 

Photos from our first launch party

Thank you post